Datça Peninsula, whose historical name is Knidos, was an extremely important port for Ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire. History BC. When you visit the district that dates back to the 2000s, you should definitely see the ruins such as the Aphrodite statue, Yellow Harbor, Old Knidos (Burgas).

When to go to Datça for vacation?

You can go to Datça for a sea holiday between April and October, where the summer season is long due to its location. Datça, which has a much calmer atmosphere compared to popular holiday resorts in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, offers a peaceful and nature-alone holiday with its magnificent bays. You can come to the town, where the weather is warm in winter, to relax in winter.

Datca Hotels

Hosting countless facilities with its different coves, Datça offers a variety of accommodation options. However, it is useful to know; If you want to have an All Inclusive concept without leaving the hotel, you may not find what you are looking for in Datça. Most of Datça hotels offer service with only Bed, Bed and Breakfast and Half Board concepts. Datça hotels by the sea, Datça apart hotels with the comfort of home, Datça pensions offering a warm and friendly atmosphere or Datça boutique hotels with their stylish atmosphere are among the alternatives you can choose for your holiday. It is also possible to find bungalow houses and hotels in Datça if you want to enjoy this in the town, which fascinates its guests with its natural beauties.

How To Get To Datça?

If you want to reach Datça, which is located within the borders of Muğla, by the shortest way, you need to choose the airway. To go to Datça by plane, you can view the flights of airline companies with flights to Dalaman Airport on the Muğla flight ticket page, and you can easily buy tickets for any date you want. After landing at Dalaman Airport, it is possible to reach the town by minibus.

If you want to go to Datça by bus, you can reach Datça with direct flights from many bus companies from cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. You can also reach Datça from Bodrum by ferry in 2 hours by sea route.

Transportation in Datça

Minibuses are the most used means of transportation within the borders of Datça… You can easily reach the most beautiful bays near Datça such as Palamutbükü, Eski Datça and Karaincir with the minibuses departing from the garage in the center.

Places to Visit in Datça


It takes about 30 minutes by car from Palamutbükü, Datça, with its clear, clean sea, long beach, fishing boats and lush scenery.

You can find a long beach and plenty of peace in this virgin bay, which is not visited by Büyük Datça Hotels. The bay, where you can find delicious village-style pancakes, is one of the quietest places in Datça.

Ilıca Pond

The Byzantine Pool in Ilıca Pond, which is thought to be good for skin problems thanks to its water containing minerals and soda, is especially frequented by foreign tourists.

Old Datca Neighborhood

You can forget about time while strolling in Eski Datça Neighborhood, which consists of narrow stone streets that cars cannot enter and stone houses whose originals have never been spoiled; You can shop from the street stalls and of course visit Can Yücel Street, where Can Yücel once lived, and you can find the most authentic Datça boutique hotels in this region.

International Knidos Academy of Culture and Art

In Datça, whose name is always mentioned with art, many works are carried out in the field of sculpture, painting and ceramics at the academy on the right of the road when entering Yaka Village. You can see many works of famous artists here and participate in workshops.

Historical Monuments and Ruins

In addition to the ancient city of Knidos, the most important historical heritage Datça has, the ruins such as the Aphrodite Statue, Yellow Harbor, water cisterns, Old Datça Castle, Yarıkdağ Castle, Kumyer Castle and historical water mills are among the places to see in Datça.

Datca Beaches

– Palamutbükü Beach

– Aktur Beach

– Kumluk Beach

– Taşlık Beach

– Kargı Beach

– Gebekum Beach

– Gulluk Beach

What to Eat in Datça?

Keskek takes the first place among Datça dishes. You cannot find traditional pancakes prepared with Datça herbs in Datça Hotels, tell us! A must for Datça tables is the fig dessert with almonds made with the famous Datça almond.

You should definitely taste Datça almonds exported to the world. The other must-taste list includes fish and honey. You will not forget the taste of the famous Datça fish accompanied by olive oil appetizers and other delicious seafood.

Do not return without tasting the famous flavors of the Aegean cuisine such as Turkish delight pilaf, stuffed zucchini flowers, olive oil könger and radish.

Entertainment in Datça

Datça, which has a quiet nightlife compared to other touristic regions, is ideal for those who want to relax and spend a peaceful holiday. You can take a walk on the beach, participate in live music entertainment, and have a pleasant time in the amphitheater in the port during the summer months.

The bars and entertainment venues in the port area are known for their decent atmosphere and hosting live performances by famous artists during the summer season.

Datça Holiday Advice:

o If you want to visit Datça properly, you should join boat tours that stop at all important bays from morning to evening.

In Datça, you can have natural products such as spices, homemade jam and olive oil at very affordable prices.

o You can go to Mesudiye, which is about 30 minutes away from Datça center, and visit Ovabükü, Hayıtbükü, Palamutbükü and Kızılbük.

o The Deveboynu Lighthouse, which is the farthest point of the peninsula, rewards your fatigue while climbing with a view you will encounter in very few places. It may be a bit difficult to leave the lighthouse that lays out the unique views of Kos Island, Knidos Ancient City, Mediterranean and Aegean Sea under your feet, let us warn you now.

o You can examine the art works and works in Knidos Academy in Yakaköy and buy village products in the Agricultural Development Cooperative in Yazıköy.

o You can examine the art works and works in Knidos Academy in Yakaköy and buy village products in the Agricultural Development Cooperative in Yazıköy.

In Datça, which is one of the most important places of our country in terms of almond cultivation, a very colorful festival is held every winter. If you want to see the almond trees that make you experience a visual feast with their white flowers and have an alternative holiday experience with pleasant activities in Datça, which welcomes you with magnificent views not only in summer but also in winter, do not miss the Datça Almond Flower Festival held in February!